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that drives and supports DSS2016EU

Global sponsor of the Cultural Capital project

Why DSSInnova2016?

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  • Link your image to a unique project

    The European Capital of Culture 2016 project represents a milestone, a unique event in our region. It is a chance to show what we are capable of when we all share the same goal. The vote of confidence that allows San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa to become ...

  • Commitment to innovation

    DSSInnova2016 has been conceived as a community of companies, technology and R&D centres, and business associations linked to innovation to drive and support DSS2016EU.

  • A showcase for Europe

    DSSInnova2016 is one of the global sponsors of the DSS2016EU Cultural Capital project. The DSSInnova2016 logo will therefore appear prominently ...

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How to become part of DSSinnova2016

Businesses and innovation agents wishing to join DSSInnova2016 will support the European Capital project with a minimum contribution 3,000 euros. This contribution can be made over 2 years, 50% in 2015 and 50% in 2016.

Contributions to DSSInnova2016 benefit from exceptional tax treatment and members can deduct an additional 18% of the contribution (the donation is 100% deductible as an expense plus an additional 18% from the total tax payable by the company in corporation tax).

There are also additional benefits and advantages. If you want to join, fill in the form below to request membership of DSSInnova2016.



DSSInnova2016 brochure (PDF)

DSSInnova2016 has been conceived as a community of companies/technology centres/R&D centres/business associations created in San Sebastian to extend to the rest of Gipuzkoa, where innovation in all its facets is its common trait.

Members support the DSS2016EU project with a minimum contribution of 3,000 euros, and will benefit from exceptional tax treatment and link their image to a unique project for our region. This project is promoted by the San Sebastian 2016 Foundation and Fomento de San Sebastián and will later also have the support of other agents.